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To everyone who will use the services of Joseph & Hall P.C., I want to share my experience with all of you out there, and tell you that dreams come true! My history begins as a single Mexican undocumented mother who did not speak a word in English, who was coming from a relationship where I was abused on a daily basis….Then, Joseph & Hall changed my life! They applied for and won Cancellation of Removal for me in front of an immigration judge. Now, I am a single documented mother, who is a professional and abuse free!

I now work as the Associate Director for Latino Outreach for Tu Familia Program of the American Diabetes Association. My success in developing and managing programs promotes self-sufficiency, social justice, and immigrants’ rights. My outreach to minority communities that enhances the capacity of community-based organizations to provide health services to underserved Latino communities is unparalleled in the State of Colorado. I am considered one of the exceptional Latinas who has learned that helping and giving back to the community is my calling in life. I am not just a servant leader; I am also a mentor to emerging Latina leaders in the State of Colorado. I have been at the forefront of health disparities and immigration leadership issues impacting Latinas. I raise the questions and provide the answers on behalf of Latinas across Colorado. I am the voice of each and every Latina who wants to be counted. I also work to ensure that Latinas are neither ignored nor taken for granted. I help the ones that need help and more importantly provide hope to young Latinas, especially new immigrants.

This is what I stand for and what I like to do! Thanks to Joseph & Hall P.C. for all your services. You not only changed my life but you also changed the life of others!!!!!

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