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BIA Appeals

The attorneys and staff at Joseph & Hall P.C. specialize in filing and fighting BIA appeals.

Denials of cases before the Immigration Judge and certain petitions before USCIS should be appealed to the Board of Immigration Appeals. Our attorneys and staff will assure that the appropriate paperwork is timely filed with the BIA and follow the necessary steps to present the case.

Most BIA appeals are filed by mail. Due to the nature of these appeals, our office is able to handle BIA appeals regardless of where in the United States the case originates. We will diligently review the previous record and make the appropriate legal arguments to the Board of Immigration Appeals according to their briefing schedule.

Oral arguments before the Board are quite rare. However, in the unlikely event that oral arguments be scheduled, our attorneys are readily available to travel to Falls Church, Virginia, where the Board sits.

Beware that BIA filing deadlines are generally shortly after the denial by USCIS or the Immigration Judge. As such, choosing an experienced immigration firm to handle your appeal is something that should be done quickly. At Joseph & Hall P.C., we are experienced practitioners accustomed to practicing before the Board of Immigration Appeals. We will carefully review the record and case history to assure that issues are properly preserved and that full and complete legal arguments are made to the Board.

At Joseph & Hall P.C. we are able to handle immigration appeals, regardless of where the original case was filed and regardless of who the original filing attorney was.

Contact our experienced attorneys at Joseph & Hall P.C. today to schedule a consultation to discuss your immigration appeal. If you live outside of Colorado, we would be happy to do your consultation by telephone or Skype.


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