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Merger & Acquisition Due Diligence

Merger & Acquisition Due Diligence

One of the most commonly overlooked issues in a corporate merger or acquisition is the significant liability associated with immigration compliance by the acquiring or surviving entity. I-9 forms and the immigration status of acquired employees are considered a liability in a merger, and depending on the language of the purchase agreement, the surviving entity may assume all of those liabilities. Additionally, without proper care to the immigration implications of a merger or acquisition, acquired foreign national employees may lose their working visa status.

Joseph & Hall P.C. has extensive experience in guiding companies through the due diligence process of a merger and acquisition so that the company mitigates and minimizes any potential liabilities when the merger or acquisition is complete. We advise employers on the language to include in a purchase agreement to make sure that the agreement mitigates any risk to the employer. We also assist employers to ensure that any acquired foreign national employees do not lose status and are able to continue to provide valued services to the surviving company. By a proactive approach to the immigration implications of a merger or acquisition, Joseph & Hall P.C. makes the immigration process seamless for the acquiring company.


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