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FDNS Investigations

FDNS Investigations

One of the main services we provide is to ensure that our clients have the proper protocols in place to demonstrate compliance with the immigration laws. A well-developed and attorney-driven compliance program has saved our clients from the prospect of costly fines, debarment from federal and state contracts and criminal sanctions.

In July 2009, Fraud Detection and National Security Directorate (FDNS) began the Administrative Site Visit and Verification Program (ASVVP) to conduct unannounced site visits to visa petitioners in the family and business context with a goal of verifying the information contained in immigration petitions and applications. As of 2014, the Directorate employed close to 900 officers.

Currently, ASVVP investigations are being conducted of religious worker cases and such investigations are done pre-adjudication. H-1B site visits account for the second highest number of ASVVP investigations, but this has largely to do with the high volume of H-1B petitions filed. In June 2014, ASVVP investigations began for L-1 petitions. It is highly likely that we will see on-site investigations expand to other categories such as H-2Bs and E-2 applications.

Joseph & Hall P.C. can assist employers with developing Audit Files to be presented to FDNS on a site visit. We can also assist employers with developing well established chains of command and protocols to that the employer is well-prepared for an FDNS visit.


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