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Joseph & Hall P.C. has been Colorado’s leading immigration law firm since 1998 with offices in Aurora, Colorado Springs and Frisco, Colorado.

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Joseph & Hall P.C. has a national reputation for excellence in providing legal services to individuals, families and businesses. We use our knowledge, teamwork, professionalism and expertise to serve our clients and provide them with the personalized attention that they deserve.

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  • AILA & Board of Governors’ Members File Suit Challenging Dept. of Labor’s Rule to Change Prevailing Wage Determinations

    AILA joins Jeff Joseph, Charles Kuck, and Greg Siskind in suing to enjoin, in its entirety, the Department of Labor Interim Final Rule, “Strengthening Wage Protections for the Temporary and Permanent Employment of Certain Aliens in the United States.” Click here to read more.

  • Join Our Immigrant Visa Ban Litigation

    Thank you for your interest in our immigrant visa ban litigation. We are getting ready to challenge the April 22, 2020 immigrant visa ban contained in Presidential Proclamation 10014. Our case will cover all of the affected categories – DV (both 2020 and 2021), Family, and Employment.
    Over the summer, we sued in Aker v. Trump and sought to overturn the Proclamation in the DC District Court. We had a partial win, getting over 9,000 visas reserved for DV winners who otherwise would have lost their right to a visa.

  • Joseph & Hall P.C. Celebrates Two Federal Court Victories

    We are celebrating two separate federal court victories in District Court in D.C. this week. Both cases were reopened and approved within 60 days of filing the complaint. Both were L-1A multinational manager/executives. Both had been approved before in L-1A status and had even extended their status. For some reason, on the third go-around, the government changed its mind and decided that they were not really managers because they did not manage enough “people.” We took them to court on this arbitrary interpretation of the statute.

We Use Our knowledge, Teamwork, Professionalism

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