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Joseph & Hall P.C. has been Colorado’s leading immigration law firm since 1998 with offices in Aurora, Colorado Springs and Frisco, Colorado.

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Joseph & Hall P.C. has a national reputation for excellence in providing legal services to individuals, families and businesses. We use our knowledge, teamwork, professionalism and expertise to serve our clients and provide them with the personalized attention that they deserve.

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  • OPT Delays Litigation Onboarding

    Thank you for your interest in being added to our litigation regarding the delay in approving Optional Practical Training for F-1 students. We are including in the litigation individuals who have been waiting at least 30 days for a filing receipt or at least 90 days for OPT approval. This case is being co-counseled by the Immpact Litigation group of law firms – Joseph & Hall, our firm, and our partner firms Kuck Baxter and Siskind Susser.

  • K-1 Litigation Round 3 Plaintiffs Onboarding

    Thank you for your interest in being added to our ongoing litigation in Milligan v. Pompeo regarding delays of K-1 visas around the world. We began this case last year and many of our plaintiffs have successfully obtained visas and entered the US. In this latest round of the case, we are focused on adding plaintiffs from countries subject to regional travel bans. We are including in the amended litigation individuals who have been approved for K-1s by USCIS but who have not been issued visas because they are subject to a regional travel ban related to COVID (the “14 day” bans).

  • Visa Seekers Ask Judge To Halt Trump’s ‘Nativist Agenda’

    Jeff Joseph and Aaron Hall are seeking agreement by a California federal judge that when Trump nullified the Immigration and Nationality Act by banning immigrant visas, he lacked the authority to do so.   Click here to learn more.

We Use Our knowledge, Teamwork, Professionalism

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