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Joseph & Hall P.C. worked tirelessly for three years to obtain T visas (for victims of human trafficking) for the Sargsyan Family.

All 6 members of the Sargsyan family have legal status in the US. Susan and Ruben and their children, Meri, Gevorg and Hayk all have received T Visas.

Their daughter, Nvart, who was previously married to the abuser and human trafficker, won her status in Immigration Court in November, 2004. That court victory was appealed by ICE (Immigration Customs Enforcement) and the appeal was subsequently thrown out by the Board of Immigration Appeals in 2006.

The Sargsyans were supported financially and emotionally by an entire community of people in Ouray County, Colorado.

When the 4 members of the family were detained by ICE in November, 2004, the community high school organized a bus trip from Ridgway to Aurora to protest their detention. High School students joined with CU students and faculty in a protest march covered by The Denver Post and all of the Denver TV stations.

The NY Times came to Ridgway and did a story on the family. On the evening before the NY times reporter was to go to the detention facility to interview the family ICE released the 4 members of the family.

In September 2006, Ruben and Meri Sargsyan received T visas. T Visas are reserved for victims of human trafficking. Subsequent to that, the rest of the family was granted T visas status and is now safe and in legal status.

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