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Business Planning

Business Planning

Under our current immigration system, employers have to face the challenges of lengthy backlogs in the employment based categories, arbitrary caps on professional and seasonal visas and the absence of a visa category altogether for workers in lower skilled jobs. Joseph & Hall P.C. strongly believes that the service it provides to employers goes beyond getting a visa in a worker’s passport. Rather, we work with employers to create both a short term strategy to address the employer’s immediate needs and a long term strategy to deal with the consistent problems in employment-based immigration. Joseph & Hall P.C. is able to think outside the box to craft creative immigration strategies for the company and foreign national employees. By long term business planning, we are able to stem to problem of visa caps in certain categories and fill the gaps in employment caused by long waits in the visa categories.

Joseph & Hall P.C. believes in becoming a partner with our corporate clients so that we are able to work together to meet the company’s need for foreign labor and to assist companies with the recruitment and retention of valuable global talent.


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