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Appeals & Federal Litigation

Appeals & Federal Litigation

The attorneys and staff at Joseph & Hall P.C. specialize in fighting immigration cases to the end. We are often hired after other immigration firms have lost a case before the immigration agencies to take the case up on appeal or to go to federal court.

Denials of cases before the Immigration Judge and certain petitions before USCIS can be appealed to the Board of Immigration Appeals, the Administrative Appeals Office or the federal courts. Our attorneys and staff will assure that the appropriate paperwork is timely filed with the appellate courts and will follow the necessary steps to present the case and litigate the case to vindicate our client’s rights.

Joseph & Hall P.C. is one of the few immigration firms in the Rocky Mountain region that is capable of handling immigration cases in the federal courts. We are admitted in the Circuit Courts of Appeal and the Federal District Court and have numerous published decisions out of the federal courts.

An individual who has been ordered removed or who has had a petition denied, or a petition that has sat before the agency without a decision and has exhausted all administrative appeals before the immigration agencies may seek review of his case before the Circuit Courts and District Courts.

In addition, Joseph & Hall P.C. has successfully challenged unlawful detention and unlawful agency action in Federal District Court through writs of habeas corpus and has challenged unlawful agency delay through writs of mandamus.

Our firm has a history of success and a proven track record of winning cases before the administrative appellate agencies and federal courts.


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