Young Seon Lim

Basirat Aileobini

Thank you Ryland for helping me out, I am surely coming back.

Olajide Kadiri

Thanks for the encouragement, the calls and getting all the documents delivered and update. You are the best, we love you for everything you did before and after my i130 approval.

Olajide Kadiri

After getting the Notice of intent to deny a family member gave us Jennifer’s number, we went discuss and she advised on the next step and here we are with a 10years approval. We are really happy and excited sharing our review.


Outstanding professionalism with exceptional knowledge. Provided me with the highest level of immigration services in Colorado.
Ryland Warner was the best of the best!. You can trust his experience and knowledge of immigration law. I will always be grateful.
Excellent communication. Ryland was extremely helpful and I would not be where I am without him. I recommend him to anyone needing help. I really liked how he worked for my appeal. I won! Thank you !!!
God bless !🙏🏼

Olga Mendoza

An awesome team, family orientated! Thank you so much for all your hard work, my son and I really appreciated it. Special thank you Jennifer and Terry, dear ladies I love you. If you ever need anything from us please let us know! Olga and Alexey.

Sardasht Tahir Hamad

Easy-going staff. They are friendly with us.


Outstanding Professionalism with exceptional knowledge provides us with the highest level of immigration services in Colorado. Bilingual!
Aaron Hall, the best of the best!. You can trust his experience and knowledge of immigration law.We will always be grateful.
Luke Niermann, a professional, knowledgeable and honest lawyer, and amazing paralegal Topher Vollmer.
Excellent communication by phone , email and monthly invoices.
We Trust this firm. We highly recommend. Thank you !!!
God bless !🙏🏼


Thank you for the win. At least your work ensured much more visas were issued/ would be issued without litigation. You and your team are a gift to humanity. Thank you. God bless!

Brendon Fleming

I joined the Miligan V Pompeo suit late last year with the hopes that I would be able to get to live with my fiancé in a timeline of months instead of years. Thanks to the excellent job the team did, I was able to be reunited in February 2021, and we are now married. Thanks!

Fereidoon Wafaie

Nicholas Gibbs

I had a consultation via phone with Luke Niermann in February 2021. It was solely to go over some concerns /clarify actions to take with my I-751 petition. He was great in giving impartial, honest advice, allowing me to hit him with question after question and putting my mind at ease. I was filling and filing this petition by myself so just needed a professional opinion on certain areas of the form.

You can trawl through the internet for hours and hours to find multiple answers to the same question. Just bite the bullet and speak to someone who does this every day.

The help was much appreciated. Highly recommend this firm (and Luke).


Estoy muy agradecida con el abogado Hall y el equipo de su firma, especialmente Manuel Ceballos, pues, siempre fueron muy atentos y amables, durante todo mi proceso de Naturalización. Son un grupo con mucha experiencia y conocimiento quienes imparten mucha confianza por su atención personalizada y entendimiento.

Noel Monreal

I highly recommend Aron Hall and his firm for your immigration case, Aron helped me obtain permanent residency and most recently my us citizenship. He was very professional and very knowledgeable about the potential difficulties of my case and was very prepared for how to overcome them and present a strong case. I always know what the next step would be and felt prepared for what to expect throughout the process. After completing my case for permanent residency, I felt confident that Aron was the right person to work with once l was able to apply for citizenship and he made the process go very smoothly.

Stephannie Beyers

I hired Joseph and Hall Firm since my first process (green card) and I really liked how they worked so I hired them again for my Naturalization Process.
For my last process, I had the pleasure to work with Jennifer Howard and Terry Booher; they were very helpful, patient and nice. Jennifer always asked my questions and took the time to explain me. She even traveled to my new town home to go with me to my interview, I was so nervous but after talking with her and resolving all my questions, of course have her support on the interview, made me feel comfier for that important event.
Thank you so much, Jennifer and Terry!!!

Nora De Luna

I met Aaron Hall in 2015 during an event at my daughter’s school. I scheduled an appointment with him to discuss if I even had a case for a U-Visa. From that initial meeting he was absolutely honest with me and said my probabilities were slim but there was a possibility. My husband and I decided to give it a go five years ago. Last November 2019 my husband received deferred action based on our case and finally this October 2020 we received our U-Visa!
Aaron was honest with us about the probabilities for my case, the long wait for the visa, the expenses that came with the case, and the possibility that the visa could be denied by immigration last minute.
After all the initial paperwork, Lindsey would contact us by email every once in a while to give us updates – sometimes there were non but she still kept in touch.
Definitely glad that we met Aaron and definitely glad that we took the chance and had him and his office handle our case. When the time comes, hope that he’ll be the lawyer representing us for residency. Will recommend him and his office any day any time.
Thank you Aaron and Lindsey – Nora and Luis

Abigail Najera

Both Jennifer Wadwa and Jennifer Howard were extremely helpful and I would not be where I am without them or marina and Topher. I’m so grateful to them and the firm. I recommend them to anyone I come across in my situation!


Ed Buckle

I would recommend this law firm to anyone who needs anything to do with immigration and needs help to navigate the complex laws associated with deportation and attaining a visa of any type.
My son was scheduled to be deported from an ICE FACILITY IN AURORA and had little to no chance of having it revoked but with the help of Joesph & Hall P.C., it was possible.

Ana D.

Thank you Aaron for helping me!

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