Lauretta McWilliams



Very professional would definitely go to them again if need be.


We had a consultation with Jennifer. She was absolutely amazing she does not give you falls hope and is very open and clear with her knowledge and expectations on your personal case. I hate we didn’t I ow about them when we first started out case. I would highly recommend the law firm.

Dayane Mello


It was such a pleasure to speak with Mr. Warner. Patiently, clearly, and with all the detail I could keep up with, he walked me through the data and the process. There was no question I asked that he did not know the answer to right away and that he did not provide with true understanding. His empathy was evident, as was his expertise. He made me feel happy and excited and safe to work with him. Keep up the good work!


I am impressed with Joseph and Hall. Zach was patient, informative and gave me the time I needed. He had very good communication skills. I really appreciate how soon Zach was able to get back to me.



Lisa Bari

We worked with Aaron and the broader team of immigration attorneys he works with first on a group lawsuit to achieve the issuance of K-1 visas during one of the COVID travel bans, and then chose to stick with Joseph

Chelsie Petersen

Zach was wonderful. He provided me with a lot of useful information in regards to assistance with hiring someone on a work visa. When we are able to complete the process as a business, we will be working with Zach for sure.

cesar ramirez chavarria

im really happy with the results of my case.

cesar ramirez chavarria

my case was not easy, but he help me and guide me all the way to the end of my process

Gestin Delva

I had a case every attorney thought it was too complicated to work with, but Luke took it and made it the simplest one ever. My case was hung in the system for more than 12 years but because Luke knew what he was doing it took him less than a year to help me get my green card. What I like about him the most he has a heart of a servant. He sees people first not money. He is highly recommended by me!
Gestin Delva

Rabil Mubin Burhani

Zacchary New was very knowledgeable about our situation. He listened patiently to our complicated story, and answered our questions. He was polite and professional.

Jeronima Paxtor


Zach answered all our questions and was very informative in the H1B Visa process. We will be working with this firm soon!

Jeff Krage

Zach was great to have an initial consultation

Chelsea F.


We worked with Luke and Abigail, they were truly amazing!!! They are both very kind, understanding, organized, and made this process very smooth. Recommend 100%


Ryland is a respectful person who made sure our questions was answered and made sure we understood the process !!! I would definitely recommend anyone who would need the types of services we are seeking


I was pleased with the service received from Aaron Hall. He was very professional and explained the options along with possible obstacles very well.

Moussa I MAIGA

Calandra Moguel

Jennifer and Topher we’re both very helpful my husband’s case wasn’t an easy one but with their determination and great communication we were able to get my husband’s papers. They both are truly a blessing and would definitely recommend them and this firm. Thanks again from my family and from the bottom of my heart God bless you.

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