Katherine Scott

Zachary consulted with our company to give us excellent legal advice. I was really grateful. We definitely recommend this company!


Aaron Hall has been very professional and always certain in his assessments and support. Always available and well supported by his paralegals Linda (and Manuel). Our filing was impeccable and despite the frustration of waiting for a response from USCIS, he was right on target, and our cases were approved without interview! We are very grateful to have been introduced to this firm, and in particular for being able to be supported by Aaron. We certainly (100%) recommend working with him and his law firm.

Dr. Mehdi Ghoreyshi

My wife and I had a great opportunity of knowing Aaron Hall for the past 8 years. Aaron was the attorney representing us in immigration cases between 2014-2015 and 2021-2022. Aaron was involved in both our permanent residency (green card) and naturalization applications. My wife and I are educated with PhD degrees, therefore, I was assuming filling and submitting immigrations cases by ourselves should be easy and straightforward. I submitted both cases and experienced very difficult issues, none as result of my fault in filing the cases or providing the evidence or required documents. Our green card application took a very longer time than typical processing time without any reasonable responses from USCIS, except the general automated messages. I tried our district congressional representatives and the state senator but none of these actions helped me to get a straight answer from the USCIS. We then met Aaron and hired him as our attorney. Aaron is very smart, polite, highly experienced in immigration matters, committed to support the clients, well organized, and on-time on schedules and deadlines. He listened to our case carefully, taking notes of all taken actions and made very helpful suggestions. As soon as, Aaron interfered in the case, we saw some actions from USCIS. After a few months and Aaron’s correspondence, we were invited for our interview. Aaron attended our interviews and we finally have our applications approved. For the citizenship, we filed the applications again by ourselves assuming this time should face no issues. We were invited for our citizenship interviews and passed the tests. However, after a month we received a letter of intent to decline our applications due to a raised issue for our J-1 Visa. I contacted Aaron again and he kindly agreed to represent us in our Naturalization cases. Again, his great effort and very strong response letters whom he wrote to USCIS helped us to being approved. We are now invited for Oath Ceremony and will become U.S. Citizens very soon. My wife and I are very grateful to Aaron Hall for his commitment and experience to being approved in these complicated applications. I highly recommend Aaron to anyone who might need support for immigration cases and suggest that do not risk defending your case without a support of an experienced immigration attorney.


Ryland helped me last minute with my case when I needed someone right away, and delivered amazing information, above and beyond what I had needed. He is thorough, very effective, an amazing communicator, knowledgeable, and trustworthy. I recommend him to help you with your case. I truly felt peace even while dealing with the stress of this case, because I knew that I am in good hands. Five stars, thank you Ryland so much for your help.

Julio Picott

Sometime last year I applied for Temporary Protected Status (TPS), and I’m happy to say that it was recently approved. I found this firm through good reviews and I couldn’t be happier with my choice to seek their help out. Jennifer Howard and Terry Booher both have been nothing but helpful and nice to me, and they made the process extremely comfortable and simple. Every time I had a question it was quickly answered, when I wanted to schedule meetings it was hassle free, and through our interactions I have genuinely grown to appreciate them both. I’ll definitely be working with them again in the future, and I’m extremely thankful to them for being so helpful.

Antonio Ventura

Our journey to become a permanent residents has been a very stressful one, but after we started to work with Jennifer and Lindsey, everything was much simple, they laid everything out for us clearly, and helped us every step of the way. We had a great experience with Jennifer and Lindsey, they were very efficient, detailed oriented and highly professionals. I highly recommend them for anyone who is facing immigration issues.


Very straight forward and Luke was wonderful to work with! Communication was effortless and clear.

Some of the law firms software tools however need to be updated and thought out more clearly OTHER than that it was a very painless and trouble free process!


Marie Clark

Jennifer is great. This company had melp me so much. They have provided me with everything I needed and help me through all of it. I truly appreciate Jennifer and her assistance they all did a great job. I would recommend this company to family and friends. Thank you all for everything.

Young Seon Lim

Basirat Aileobini

Thank you Ryland for helping me out, I am surely coming back.

Olajide Kadiri

Thanks for the encouragement, the calls and getting all the documents delivered and update. You are the best, we love you for everything you did before and after my i130 approval.

Olajide Kadiri

After getting the Notice of intent to deny a family member gave us Jennifer’s number, we went discuss and she advised on the next step and here we are with a 10years approval. We are really happy and excited sharing our review.


Outstanding professionalism with exceptional knowledge. Provided me with the highest level of immigration services in Colorado.
Ryland Warner was the best of the best!. You can trust his experience and knowledge of immigration law. I will always be grateful.
Excellent communication. Ryland was extremely helpful and I would not be where I am without him. I recommend him to anyone needing help. I really liked how he worked for my appeal. I won! Thank you !!!
God bless !🙏🏼

Olga Mendoza

An awesome team, family orientated! Thank you so much for all your hard work, my son and I really appreciated it. Special thank you Jennifer and Terry, dear ladies I love you. If you ever need anything from us please let us know! Olga and Alexey.

Sardasht Tahir Hamad

Easy-going staff. They are friendly with us.


Outstanding Professionalism with exceptional knowledge provides us with the highest level of immigration services in Colorado. Bilingual!
Aaron Hall, the best of the best!. You can trust his experience and knowledge of immigration law.We will always be grateful.
Luke Niermann, a professional, knowledgeable and honest lawyer, and amazing paralegal Topher Vollmer.
Excellent communication by phone , email and monthly invoices.
We Trust this firm. We highly recommend. Thank you !!!
God bless !🙏🏼


Thank you for the win. At least your work ensured much more visas were issued/ would be issued without litigation. You and your team are a gift to humanity. Thank you. God bless!

Brendon Fleming

I joined the Miligan V Pompeo suit late last year with the hopes that I would be able to get to live with my fiancé in a timeline of months instead of years. Thanks to the excellent job the team did, I was able to be reunited in February 2021, and we are now married. Thanks!

Fereidoon Wafaie

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