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My wife and I had a great opportunity of knowing Aaron Hall for the past 8 years. Aaron was the attorney representing us in immigration cases between 2014-2015 and 2021-2022. Aaron was involved in both our permanent residency (green card) and naturalization applications. My wife and I are educated with PhD degrees, therefore, I was assuming filling and submitting immigrations cases by ourselves should be easy and straightforward. I submitted both cases and experienced very difficult issues, none as result of my fault in filing the cases or providing the evidence or required documents. Our green card application took a very longer time than typical processing time without any reasonable responses from USCIS, except the general automated messages. I tried our district congressional representatives and the state senator but none of these actions helped me to get a straight answer from the USCIS. We then met Aaron and hired him as our attorney. Aaron is very smart, polite, highly experienced in immigration matters, committed to support the clients, well organized, and on-time on schedules and deadlines. He listened to our case carefully, taking notes of all taken actions and made very helpful suggestions. As soon as, Aaron interfered in the case, we saw some actions from USCIS. After a few months and Aaron’s correspondence, we were invited for our interview. Aaron attended our interviews and we finally have our applications approved. For the citizenship, we filed the applications again by ourselves assuming this time should face no issues. We were invited for our citizenship interviews and passed the tests. However, after a month we received a letter of intent to decline our applications due to a raised issue for our J-1 Visa. I contacted Aaron again and he kindly agreed to represent us in our Naturalization cases. Again, his great effort and very strong response letters whom he wrote to USCIS helped us to being approved. We are now invited for Oath Ceremony and will become U.S. Citizens very soon. My wife and I are very grateful to Aaron Hall for his commitment and experience to being approved in these complicated applications. I highly recommend Aaron to anyone who might need support for immigration cases and suggest that do not risk defending your case without a support of an experienced immigration attorney.

Ryland helped me last minute with my case when I needed someone right away, and delivered amazing information, above and beyond what I had needed. He is thorough, very effective,…



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