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Immigration is a complex and important process that profoundly impacts individuals, families and communities. Navigating the immigration process can be daunting, requiring an in-depth understanding of various regulations and procedures. Legal assistance becomes crucial at this juncture, ensuring that individuals receive the support and guidance necessary to achieve their goals of living and working in the United States. Joseph & Hall P.C. is a leading immigration law firm dedicated to providing unwavering support to clients throughout their immigration journeys. Our Thorton immigration law firm’s mission is to uphold the rights of immigrants and provide reliable solutions for a range of immigration matters.

The Immigration Process and Its Significance

The immigration process involves several intricate steps and requirements, from obtaining visas to securing permanent residency and citizenship. This complexity underscores the need for knowledgeable legal professionals who can navigate the legal landscape effectively. At Joseph & Hall P.C., we recognize immigration as a fundamental right for every individual. Our commitment is to ensure that this right is upheld, positively affecting not just individuals but also their families, communities and the country as a whole.

Types of Visas and Related Processes

There are numerous types of visas available, each tailored to specific needs and circumstances. Joseph & Hall P.C. offers comprehensive assistance with various visa categories, including:

  • Employment Non-Immigrant Visas: B-1 (Business Visitors), E-3 (Professional Visas for Australians), H-1B (Professionals), H-2B (Seasonal Workers), and more.
  • Investor Visas: Facilitating permanent residence through substantial investment.
  • Family-Based Immigration: Reuniting families by supporting visa applications for spouses, children, and other relatives.
  • Deportation Defense: Providing defense strategies for those facing removal proceedings.
  • Employer Compliance: Assisting businesses with I-9 audits and ensuring adherence to immigration regulations.

The Path to Naturalization and Citizenship

Achieving naturalization or citizenship in the United States is a significant milestone. Joseph & Hall P.C. guides clients through this process, ensuring they meet all requirements and deadlines. Our team assists with processing visas at consulates, addressing employer compliance issues and representing businesses during audits. With over 20 years of experience, we set the standard for excellence in immigration law and customer service.

Personalized Solutions for Every Client

Joseph & Hall P.C. tailors its solutions to the unique needs of each client, maximizing their chances of success. From the initial consultation to the final resolution of your case, our dedicated legal professionals provide personalized attention and strategic counsel. Whether you are seeking an employment visa, defending against deportation or aiming for citizenship, our team is committed to delivering the best possible outcomes. Our experience in federal immigration litigation ensures that clients receive superior legal representation before various government agencies and courts.

Our Commitment to Protecting Immigrants’ Rights

Our firm’s dedication to protecting immigrants’ rights is reflected in our extensive range of services. We offer strategic counsel and exceptional customer service, ensuring that clients feel supported throughout their immigration journey. By tailoring our approach to address each client’s specific situation, we enhance the likelihood of achieving favorable outcomes. 

Contact Our Thorton Immigration Law Firm

If you are navigating the complexities of immigration law, Joseph & Hall P.C. is here to help. With a focus on quality legal services and a steadfast commitment to protecting immigrants’ rights, we stand out as a trusted partner in the immigration process. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and begin your immigration journey with a team of experienced and dedicated legal professionals.


Appeals & Federal Litigation Cases


We’ve filed a case challenging the US Department of Labor over a new rule that dramatically hikes wages for H-1B, H-1B1, PERM and E-3 cases.



This case challenged the Presidential Proclamation 10014 and 10052 with respect to DV winners. The judge has certified the case as a class action …



This case challenged visa processing delays and the Trump Administration’s immigrant visa ban, Presidential Proclamation 10014.



This case features “pair[s] of star-crossed lovers” on whose lives, like Romeo and Juliet’s, a plague has wreaked havoc.



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Countless people dream of becoming a U.S. citizen. If your application was rejected by the USCIS, we are here to fight for your best interests.

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