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Another Victory for Colorado!


Another Victory for Colorado!

Governor Polis has signed another bill into law that is good for Colorado’s undocumented children. There are over $160 million dollars available in financial aid each year that previously was unavailable to college students without valid immigration status. HB19-1196 changed that and now students without legal status are immediately eligible to request financial aid and assistance.

In order to request and receive funding, students must have attended a Colorado high school for three years before graduating or completing the general equivalency exam (GED), be admitted to a participating college within 12 months of graduation and sign a document that states that they are seeking legal status or will as soon as they become eligible.  The students who can use this avenue to seek funding will be eligible for internal institution and private financial aid programs that were previously out of reach. While undocumented students have had access to the Colorado Opportunity Fund since 2013, this expansion in funding will allow for even more dreaming and more importantly, the reaching of those dreams.

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