Start the Process Now for Temporary H-2B Work Visas in April 2024

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Start the Process Now for Temporary H-2B Work Visas in April 2024

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Employers may apply for H-2B visas if they have a temporary need for extra workers. Temporary need can include ramping up employment to meet the demands of a particular contract or a recurrent seasonal need, such as a landscaping company that regularly needs additional landscapers in the spring and summer to meet higher demand.

Each year, 66,000 of these visas are issued—33,000 starting on April 1st and 33,000 starting on October 1st. Because of the limited supply, competition is fierce. But the Department of Labor does attempt to level the playing field by allowing all employers to submit applications 120 days before the date of need and then randomly assigning each application a position in a queue, which is then processed in order. For the April 1st, 2024 start date, employers must submit their applications at the beginning of January 2024.

However, prior to January, employers must first take additional steps with the Department of Labor to procure a prevailing wage determination, a process which can take one month per the latest processing times update at the end of August. With a possible government shutdown looming, this process may potentially take even longer. Therefore, we’re advising any interested employers to begin the process now to ensure the best chances of securing some of these H-2B visas for next spring.

To evaluate your business’s eligibility for H-2B visas, schedule a consultation with us today.

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