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Senate Republicans Introduce Alternative to DREAM Act


Senate Republicans Introduce Alternative to DREAM Act

Contributed by Aaron Hall

Senators Kay Bailey Hutchison of Texas and Jon Kyl of Arizona introduced a bill they are calling the ACHIEVE Act which they are billing as an alternative to the previously defeated DREAM Act.  The Achieve Act would allow eligible noncitizens who arrived in the U.S. as children to receive a visa to attend school or serve in the military.  After they either finished a degree in higher education or finished serving in the military, they would be able to apply for a work visa.  They would then be able to apply for a permanent visa.  The permanent visa would be the end of the road under the ACHIEVE Act and there would be no path to citizenship included.   According to Politico, the ACHIEVE Act is unlikely to go up for a vote during Congress’s lame duck session and it is unclear whether it will again be proposed next session.

Whether or not the ACHIEVE Act ever comes up for a vote, its introduction by GOP lawmakers is a sign that party leaders from both sides of the aisle may be ready to finally act on substantive reform of our immigration system.

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