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Report: Arizona’s SB 1070 Costs Over $141 Million


Report: Arizona’s SB 1070 Costs Over $141 Million

A study by  Scottsdale-based economic firm Elliott D. Pollack & Co. finds that the boycott of Arizona in the wake of the signing of the controversial immigration law SB 1070 has cost the state $141 million in lost meeting and convention business.

The economic effect of the boycott goes much further than the $141 million lost for the meetings and conventions centers.  The Colorado Independent reports that “Pima County, Arizona alone in the past has generated about a billion dollars a year in business from Mexican tourists, much of which has dried up since the law was enacted.”  The Colorado Independent article also quotes the president and CEO of the Tuscon Hispanic Chamber of Commerce as stating that the effect has been especially devastating for some landlords and owners of rental properties who have lost renters who were afraid to stay in Arizona.

Read the AP Story on the report here;

Read the story on the economic impact of the boycott in the Colorado Independent here.

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