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Regional Travel Ban Litigation – Plaintiff Onboarding


Regional Travel Ban Litigation – Plaintiff Onboarding

Thank you for your interest in being added to our litigation challenging the ban on issuing visas in countries subject to regional travel bans. The covered countries are:

  • Austria, Belgium, Brazil, China, Czech Republic
  • Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany
  • Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Iran, Ireland
  • Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania
  • Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway
  • Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain
  • Sweden, Switzerland, Monaco, San Marino
  • South Africa, United Kingdom, Vatican City

This case will include all visa applicants applying in affected countries including immigrant visas, nonimmigrant visas, humanitarian visas, and diversity visas.

This case is being co-counseled by the ImmPact Litigation group of law firms – Joseph & Hall, and our partner firms Siskind Susser and Kuck Baxter.

The fee to join the case is $1500 if payment is received before March 19, 2021 at 5 pm central time. After that, the fee is $2000. Active duty members of the US military will receive a $500 discount.

THE DEADLINE FOR JOINING THE CASE IS March 27, 2021 at 5 pm central time.  

If you are interested in participating please do the following:

STEP 1 – Download the FAQ and make sure you understand what the case is about, how the plaintiff fee works, and what we hope to accomplish, and who is likely to benefit from the case and who is not. The document is here.

STEP 2 – Complete our engagement letter generator app here.  It will allow you to download the engagement letter for your records at the end and automatically send the signed agreement to us.

STEP 3 – Make your $1500 (must be received before 3/19 at 5 pm) or $2000 (after 3/19 at 5 pm central) plaintiff fee payment online at https://www.immigrationissues.com/payment-federal-litigation/. If you are already a named plaintiff in the Anunciato case, please see the separate communication to you regarding the fees for joining this litigation.

STEP 4 – Create a declaration describing your situation and why you’re suing. You can create this using our Litigation Declaration Builder app here.

Once you have done each of these things, we’ll review and make sure you’re eligible for the case. We’ll let you know if there is a problem, but if you hear nothing from us, assume you’re okay. We will send out an email shortly after March 27th confirming you are a plaintiff in the case and we’ll send out an additional notification once we file the lawsuit.

We hope to file within two weeks of the deadline for joining the case as a plaintiff.

We are looking forward to fighting to get your visas adjudicated.

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