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K-1 London Mandamus Litigation – Plaintiff Onboarding


K-1 London Mandamus Litigation – Plaintiff Onboarding

Thank you in your interest for participating in our lawsuit challenging K-1 processing delays at the US consulate in London, United Kingdom.

The deadline for joining the case is Friday, June 4.

To join, please do all of the following before the deadline:

Step 1: Read the FAQ to make sure you understand what the case is about, how the plaintiff fee works, what we hope to accomplish, and who is likely to benefit from the case.  The FAQ also explains how this case may help Kinsley plaintiffs. You do not have to be a Kinsley plaintiff to participate in this case.

Step 2: Complete our engagement generator app. This will automatically send your engagement letter to us, and will allow you to download a copy for your records. Either the US citizen petitioner or the fiancé(e) applicant can complete the engagement letter.

Step 3:  Make your $2500 plaintiff fee payment at https://www.immigrationissues.com/payment-federal-litigation/.  Kinsley plaintiffs and active duty military may pay a discounted rate of $2000.

Step 4: Create a declaration describing your situation and how the delay has affected you, using our declaration builder app.  Either the US citizen petitioner or the fiancé(e) applicant can complete the declaration. The app will send us a copy.

Step 5: You have signed up!  We hope to file within two weeks of the deadline for joining the case as a plaintiff.

Your payment confirmation and engagement letter email are confirmation that we have you in our system and that you will be a plaintiff in our case.  We will contact you before we file the case if we are missing any information or documents, and we will update you by email once the case has been filed.

Please do not ask for additional confirmation that we have everything, as this takes time from the legal team working at a fast pace to get the case filed in a timely manner.

Please do NOT tell the NVC or the consulate you are a plaintiff in our litigation until we specifically tell you that is okay.

Once we have filed the case, please share any updates in your case using the case update form.

We are looking forward to fighting on your behalf so you may reunite with your loved ones and move forward with your life in the US!

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