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K-1 Litigation Round 3 Plaintiffs Onboarding


K-1 Litigation Round 3 Plaintiffs Onboarding

Thank you for your interest in being added to our ongoing litigation in Milligan v. Pompeo regarding delays of K-1 visas around the world. We began this case last year and many of our plaintiffs have successfully obtained visas and entered the US. In this latest round of the case, we are focused on adding plaintiffs from countries subject to regional travel bans. We are including in the amended litigation individuals who have been approved for K-1s by USCIS but who have not been issued visas because they are subject to a regional travel ban related to COVID (the “14 day” bans). If you are NOT being delayed because you’re from one of the travel ban countries, we recommend you pursue an individual lawsuit. If you would like to discuss individual representation, please reach out to our firm, Joseph & Hall PC.


If you are interested in participating please do the following:

STEP 1 – Download the FAQ and make sure you understand what the case is about, how the $2000 plaintiff fee works, and what we hope to accomplish and who is likely to benefit from the case and who is not. The document is here.

STEP 2 – Complete our engagement letter generator app here.  It will allow you to download the engagement letter for your records at the end and automatically send the signed agreement to us.

STEP 3 – Make your $2000 plaintiff fee payment online at https://www.immigrationissues.com/payment-federal-litigation/.

STEP 4 – Create a declaration describing your situation and why you’re suing. You can create this using our K-1 Litigation Declaration Builder app here.

Once you have done these things, we’ll review and make sure you’re eligible for the case. We’ll let you know if there is a problem, but if you hear nothing from us, assume you’re okay. We’ll send out a notification to the plaintiffs once we file.

Please do NOT tell the State Department you are a plaintiff in our litigation until we specifically tell you that is okay.

Once you’re in the case, please let us know any changes in your situation (case transferred from the NVC to the consulate, interview scheduled, visa issued, etc.) by completing this form.

We hope to file the amendment in the next two weeks and will close out accepting plaintiffs on February 15th.

We are looking forward to fighting to get you your visas.

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