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Colorado Springs Client Granted Legal Permanent Resident Status


Colorado Springs Client Granted Legal Permanent Resident Status

Our client is married to a United States citizen living in Colorado Springs. She was living in Mexico up until this month when her immigrant visa was approved and she entered the United States as an LPR. She waited almost 6 months from the time that we filed the final packet of civil documents with the NVC until we finally got an interview for her. She has been very patient this whole time. Her husband was very stressed and thought something must be wrong because the case was taking so long. We continued to follow-up periodically with the NVC until they finally scheduled the interview in Ciudad Juarez.  Earlier this week, she received her green card in the mail. She and her husband plan to stay in Colorado Springs and start a family now that they are re-united.  Great work Alex McShiras, Senior Attorney in Colorado Springs office.

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