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Client’s I-601 Approved


Client’s I-601 Approved

December 23, 2015:

Client’s I-601 was recently approved and, after spending months outside of the United States, waiting for a decision, he has been reunited with his family.  Client had a forgery-related conviction for having a fake permanent resident card, so he wasn’t eligible to file a provisional waiver. When he left for Mexico to attend his interview, client took his two young children with him to Mexico but his wife stayed in the US with their older kids. It was heartbreaking to see this family go through a months-long, agonizing separation, but the waiver was approved after about 6 months. This client is a beloved member of our community, and there are many people outside of his family who are thrilled to have him back in the United States!  Initially, client had very little hardship evidence to work with in this case but with the help of Joseph & Hall P.C. paralegals, Lindsey and Manuel, and attorney, Koby, everything came together and clients couldn’t be happier.


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