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Unwavering Persistence Prevails


Unwavering Persistence Prevails

Great job Alex and Michael for your unwavering persistence to get client the results that she wanted for so long!  Client is 245(i) eligible through her United States sibling and her visa priority date finally allowed her to file for Adjustment of Status back in late 2015/ early 2016. So, Joseph & Hall P.C. filed and then the numbers retrogressed and so the final action date is still not current for the F4 category. In the meantime, we figured that her joint Employment Authorization Document (EAD) and Advance Parole (AP) card would arrive and would allow her to travel. She has a family member in Mexico who is very sick and will not survive much longer. However, her EAD  was approved with no AP. We scheduled several Infopass appointments and contacted United States Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS) many times all to no avail. We finally found out that USCIS said they are not granting AP to clients who entered without authorization, even though client was 241(i) eligible.

Almost a year passed since Client was granted her first EAD, so we applied for a renewal – and figured there was no harm in applying for AP as well- no additional filing fee. This time, both the EAD and AP were granted. Client is thrilled and she is planning to go to Mexico for a month to help her family.

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