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Former DACA Recipient Becomes An Attorney


Former DACA Recipient Becomes An Attorney

Joseph & Hall P.C. was proud to be part of the pro bono legal team that had the opportunity to work with a recent law graduate who was applying for admission to the Colorado Bar.  This student a DACA recipient.  He was a stellar law student, passed the bar exam, and then his case was held and put into investigation by Attorney Regulation Counsel based on past false use of a social security number as well as questions regarding whether someone in DACA status can actually be a lawyer.  I agreed to work with the attorney representing this young man before Attorney Regulation Counsel on a pro bono basis as an immigration expert.  In addition to our work and research on the case, a group of law professors, led by his law school dean,  were also able to gather a letter of support from 126 law school deans and professors around the country urging ARC to accept his application and swear him into the bar.  I am proud to report that The Character and Fitness committee met yesterday with Attorney Regulation Counsel.  Based on the hundreds of documents submitted, and the tremendous outpouring of support, ARC agreed to reconsider their earlier decision to send his  character and fitness report to an Inquiry Panel.  The ARC determined that our client met all of the character and fitness requirements.  They cleared him for admission and cancelled the inquiry panel.  He was called in for an immediate swearing in and was sworn in as a Colorado Attorney on his lunch hour.  We could not be happier for this young man and his family.  He is the definition of the American Dream.

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