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Naturalization Litigation

Naturalization Litigation

At Joseph & Hall P.C., our Colorado naturalization litigation attorneys are experienced, trial-tested advocates for our clients. With well-rounded immigration law experience, we can help you navigate the most complex of immigration matters. Do not go up against the federal government. If you have any questions about the naturalization process or naturalization litigation, our immigration attorneys can help. Call us now for a completely confidential, no-obligation initial consultation. 

Naturalization Litigation: An Overview

American citizenship bestows many important benefits. The United States has birthright citizenship. If you are born in the country, you are automatically a U.S. citizen. For those who immigrate to the United States, American citizenship may be obtained through a process called naturalization. Before applying to become a citizen through naturalization, an applicant must meet several eligibility requirements, including obtaining a green card, continuously residing in the U.S. for five years, and passing a test. 

Unfortunately, even qualified applicants sometimes struggle to navigate the naturalization process. In some circumstances, a lawsuit may be required to get action from the government. While naturalization litigation can take a wide range of different forms, these cases most often involve unreasonable delays from U.S. government agencies. In our immigration litigation practice, our Colorado naturalization lawyers help clients with the full range of legal matters. 

How Our Colorado Naturalization Attorneys Can Help

Naturalization litigation is extremely complex. At Joseph & Hall P.C., our immigration lawyers have extensive experience representing clients in federal lawsuits and appeals. Our mission is to help you obtain the best outcome possible. When you get in touch with our immigration team, you will have a chance to a Colorado naturalization litigation attorneys who will: 

  • Review your case, answer your questions, and explain the legal process; 
  • Compile all evidence needed to build a strong, naturalization case; and
  • Take whatever legal action is needed to get you and your family results. 

Every lawsuit is different. You deserve personalized guidance from a Colorado immigration lawyer who will put time and resources behind your naturalization case. With a long record of testimonials from our prior clients, we are ready to get started working to help you and your loved one get United States citizenship. 

Get Help From a Colorado Naturalization Litigation Lawyer

At Joseph & Hall P.C., our Colorado naturalization attorneys are passionate, effective, and tenacious advocates for our clients. If you have questions about your rights or the legal process, we are available to help. Contact us right away for a confidential, no obligation initial immigration law consultation. From our legal offices in Aurora, Colorado Springs, and Frisco, we handle naturalization litigation throughout all of Colorado. 


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