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Israeli Investors Qualify for E-2 Visas


Israeli Investors Qualify for E-2 Visas

More than seventy-five countries are on the list of those whose citizens are eligible to be granted E-2 investor visas upon the requirements.  On June 8, 2012, President Obama signed bi-partisan sponsored legislation adding Israel to that list.  Such a visa permits an individual to come to the United States for purposes of developing and directing a business in which he has made a “substantial” investment.  It may be extended in two-year increments provided the requirements for the visa continue to be met.  The bill’s sponsor, Representative Howard Berman of California, states that the legislation will “provide economic benefits for both countries.”  Co-sponsor Lamar Smith of Texas agrees, calling the bill one that will help spur economic growth and that “invests in our relationship with one of our closest allies.”

This measure is contingent up on Israel providing reciprocal status to U.S. nationals in that country.

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