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Is Immigration Reform Still Possible?


Is Immigration Reform Still Possible?

Contributed by Melanie Corrin, Senior Attorney

2013 was thought by many immigration practitioners to be the year of comprehensive immigration reform.After months of effort, thousands of pages of writing, a well debated and passed Senate bill, and then…nothing.Comprehensive immigration reform stalled in the House of Representatives and a New Year began without reform.Now, as we settle into the second half of the current Congress, last year’s events have many wondering whether the desperately needed reforms will come to fruition.The answer is, it can, and it needs to.There has never been a time when it is more clear that our nation’s immigration laws need to change,need to catch up to the realities of our global economy and global society, need to recognize that businesses, families, schools, enterprise, and the nation all depend on immigrants.Keep your eye trained towards the Joseph & Hall P.C. blog and website for the most current and up to date information on immigration reform!Hopefully 2014 will be the year!

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