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Immigrant Entrepreneurs Are Creating Jobs in the U.S.


Immigrant Entrepreneurs Are Creating Jobs in the U.S.

According to a report by the National Foundation for American Policy, immigrants are driving start-up businesses in the United States.  The report examined 50 top venture-funded privately held U.S. companies.  Nearly half were founded or co-founded by an immigrant.  Furthermore, 74{b6b8f04f7bd4b863c4cfed8339fd19419bda3e071c79bc5ac8c810cb9c52e30f} had an immigrant working in top management or a product development position.

Clearly, immigrants benefit and strengthen the U.S. economy, and the report indicated that it makes sense for the United States to pursue immigration reform policies to encourage economic growth.

After reading statistics like this, it is difficult to understand where proponents of anti-immigrant legislation find their support.  By founding and co-founding U.S. companies, these entrepreneurial immigrants in turn create jobs for U.S. citizens.  Indeed, the report revealed that successful immigrant entrepreneurs often partner with U.S. citizens to create new businesses and to provide services.

Read more about the report here: http://www.immigrationdirect.com/immigration-news/us-visas/immigrant-led-ventures-driving-job-growth-innovation/index.html.

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