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ICE Arrests Over Two Thousand, Focuses on DUIs, in Operation Cross Check


ICE Arrests Over Two Thousand, Focuses on DUIs, in Operation Cross Check

Contributed by Aaron Hall, Partner

Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) arrested 2,059 noncitizens last week in Operation Cross Check.  ICE’s arrests focused on those that it considers public safety threats.  According to the press release, the “vast majority” of those arrested with misdemeanors had convictions for driving under the influence.

ICE’s policy is that DUIs are significant misdemeanors and that those with DUIs are therefore enforcement priorities.

With ICE’s prioritizing its enforcement actions according to its 11/20/2014 memo, we expect continued and aggressive emphasis on those with convictions for DUI, DWAI, domestic violence, and other felonies and significant misdemeanors.

If you or a noncitizen you know has a criminal conviction, we recommend getting a consultation to evaluate whether the person will be considered an enforcement priority and whether he or she is eligible for any immigration benefit before being contacted by ICE officers.  Also, it is more important than ever to consult with an immigration lawyer before entering any guilty plea in criminal proceedings, as the immigration consequences of convictions for even minor crimes can often be disastrous.

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