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Hearing Scheduled Today in Texas v. United States


Hearing Scheduled Today in Texas v. United States

A hearing is scheduled today in Texas v. United States before U.S. District Court Judge, Andrew Hanan. Unfortunately, while this might sound like progress, we should not expect a decision from Judge Hanan anytime soon. Today’s hearing is specifically regarding the Plaintiff States’ Motion for Early Discovery, filed on March 5, 2015.

In his Order regarding the hearing, Judge Hanan wrote, “Due to the seriousness of the matters discussed [in Plaintiff’s discovery motion], the Court will not rule on any other pending motions until it is clear that these matters, if true, do not impact the pending matters or any rulings previously made by this Court.” This statement confirmed for the federal government that Judge Hanan is not inclined to rule quickly on either the legality of President Obama’s executive actions, or the federal government’s request to stay the pending injunction.

In better news, however, the federal government is now free to file an appeal before the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals, given the fact that Judge Hanan declined to rule on the government’s motion for an emergency stay within the requested time period.

Stay tuned to our blog for the latest developments in this lawsuit.

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