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Happy Thanksgiving


Happy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving 2018 again comes at a time of challenge and distress for many immigrants and their families.  The anti-immigrant rhetoric and scapegoating continually flowing out the Trump Administration is matched by harsh and restrictive policies.

Dreamers continue to be stuck in limbo as the Trump Administration attempts to overturn court orders keeping DACA on life support. Those who have long legally resided in the U.S. with TPS are now seeing that status canceled and being instructed to prepare to leave the country.  Employment-based green card applicants are facing seemingly arbitrary requests for evidence, further delaying the already-backlogged processing of their applications.  Attorney General Jeff Sessions has exited the stage, but his legacy of pushing immigration judges to rush through cases without even a nod to Due Process remains intact at the Department of Justice.  Immigrants are regularly demonized as dangerous or criminal, and the President is reportedly exploring ways to attempt to eliminate the pillar of American identity that is birthright citizenship.

With these challenges in mind, I give thanks this year for past, present, and future immigrants in the United States. The talents, cultures, and drive of wave after wave of immigrants have made this country what it is. I’m more thankful than ever for the Dreamers, whose selfless activism provides daily inspiration. I’m more thankful than ever for a fierce and independent press, which regularly exposes the anti-immigrant voices pushing policy in this administration. I’m more thankful than ever for my fellow immigration and civil rights attorneys around the country battling and winning in court against the unlawful excesses of this administration. And I’m more thankful than ever to be able to come to work every day with a group of talented and dedicated colleagues committed to passionately and aggressively fighting for every one of our clients’ rights under the law.

May you all share this great American holiday in the company of family and friends.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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Effective March 25, 2020, in response to “Stay at Home” orders Joseph & Hall PC is closed to the public and is now conducting nearly all of its operations remotely during the COVID-19 health crisis through April 18th.

We continue to have a limited number of staff in our office to perform basic operations such as assembling and filing petitions, receiving and distributing mail and issuing checks. We are grateful to be in a business that is conducive to remote work and for all of your patience and support.  Our lawyers and paralegals are here to answer the array of questions that continue to arise daily and will keep you informed during these rapidly changing times.  We will hold telephonic or video meetings rather than in-person meetings.  These meetings can be done by SKYPE or Zoom Conference call so that you can continue to interact with your legal team, face-to-face.

We remain committed to delivering outstanding client services.  We do have one important request – please do not come into the office in person for your health and safety and that of our employees.  Please mail or email all documents to our office.  Also, you can make any required payments online at https://vpspay.com/p/3 or make them over the phone by calling 303-297-9171 or by mail.  Please stay healthy!

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