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Good News Roundup


Good News Roundup

New restrictive interpretations of immigration laws and enforcement without discretion continue to rock immigrants, families, and businesses around the country. With the nonstop deluge of bad immigration news, it can be easy to forget that cases continue to get approved.  As a bit of a respite, here are some of the good things we’ve seen in July:

  • A Joseph & Hall P.C. client who hired the firm at the “request for evidence” stage after a very rough marriage-based adjustment of status interview was approved following our response to the request for evidence. The client already has her green card in hand!
  • Multiple Joseph & Hall P.C. clients successfully became U.S. citizens through naturalization. They can now apply for U.S. passports, vote, and petition for relatives.  We’re thrilled to call them fellow Americans!
  • A Joseph & Hall P.C. client was approved for lawful permanent resident status after attorney Alex McShiras was able to overcome requests for evidence from USCIS casting doubt on her lawful entry to the United States.
  • DHS prosecuting attorneys, responding to Joseph & Hall P.C. briefing, conceded that an old possession with intent to distribute drug conviction was not enough to stop our client from applying to keep his green card through 7-year cancellation of removal.
  • DHS Secretary Nielsen extended Temporary Protected Status for Somalia through March 17, 2020.
  • Last month’s Supreme Court decision in Pereira v. Sessions has opened up new arguments to many in removal proceedings, including expanding the pool of people who qualify to apply for their green cards through cancellation of removal and allowing some to make motions to terminate removal proceedings.

While there is no doubt that we are now in challenging times, people are still winning their immigration cases with the right preparation and advocacy. If you would like to discuss immigration options for your case, contact our office to set up a consultation.

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