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Fraud Alert: Beware of Emails regarding the Diversity Visa Lottery


Fraud Alert: Beware of Emails regarding the Diversity Visa Lottery

DOS reported that fraudulent email notices regarding the Diversity Visa Lottery have increased.  The emails appear as official government notices and direct entrants to fraudulent websites with instructions to pay additional money or provide instructions to send or wire “processing fees” to a non-government account.  If the website does not end with “.gov,” it is not an official government site and not affiliated with the Diversity Visa Lottery.  Similarly, an email address from a government agency would also end with “.gov.”

The Department of State does not send notification to entrants in the Diversity Visa Lottery (Green Card Lottery) for any year via email, even if entrants applied on-line.  On-line applicants must check the Department of State (DOS) website for status on their applications.  Mail-in entrants will be notified by letter sent through the United States Post Office.

The DOS is currently posting status information through June 30, 2011 for entrants who applied between October 2, and November 30, 2009, for DV2011.  Registration for DV2012 closed November 3, 2010.  Status information for 2012 entrants will be available on-line beginning May 1, 2011.

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