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Finger Pointing and Inaction While Millions Wait for Immigration Reform


Finger Pointing and Inaction While Millions Wait for Immigration Reform

Contributed by Kim Tremblay, Associate Attorney

Advocates for immigration reform continue to put pressure onto the government to pass comprehensive immigration reform.  In the meantime, our elected officials are busy pointing fingers and teasing each other while millions of immigrants in the U.S. wait.  And wait.

During a Rotary Club lunch in Ohio last week, House Speaker John Boehner blamed the House of Representatives’ inaction on immigration reform on his fellow Republicans, stating that they were complaining that doing so was just too hard.  His fellow GOP members criticized him immediately and blamed President Obama instead.

This prompted Speaker Boehner to say he was just teasing and that the real blame lies with the President because he cannot be trusted to uphold the law that might be passed.

Although the Senate passed an immigration reform bill ten months ago and Speaker Boehner states he has been trying to move ahead with immigration reform, no immigration reform legislation has come up for a vote in the House.  Its members may not take the time to deal with the issue before the 2014 midterm elections.  Looks like more waiting, finger pointing, and possibly teasing, lie ahead.

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