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Sanctions Shift to Employers


Sanctions Shift to Employers

Under President Barack Obama’s administration, immigration enforcement in the workplace has largely targeted employers rather than workers, a significant shift from the tenure of George W. Bush when fines were scarce and workplace arrests more common.

Nationally, Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s practice of targeting undocumented workers directly has dropped proportionately to the increase in fines for the business owners who hire them.

An Express-News review of actions by ICE shows 23 Texas companies, including six in San Antonio, have been penalized in the first eight months of fiscal 2010, October 2009 to May 2010.
In all of fiscal 2009, ICE fined just nine Texas companies $187,082 for worksite violations. So far this year, the increasing number of investigations has left nearly two dozen companies facing approximately $600,000 in fines — more than three times as much as the year before.

For a list of Texas companies fined by ICE, click here:

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