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DHS Releases New Web-Based FOIA Request Form


DHS Releases New Web-Based FOIA Request Form

Contributed by Melanie Corrin, Senior Attorney

Often times, the knowledge about an individual’s case that is in their immigration file is crucial to filing for relief in removal proceedings, or determining eligibility for status in the United States.  Freedom of Information Act requests are often the only way to obtain this information, and unfortunately can take up to eighteen months to receive in some instances.  Recently, the Department of Homeland Security has developed a consolidated, web-based form for FOIA requests.

The DHS Privacy Office has created a consolidated web-based form for submitting FOIA requests to DHS and any of its components.  Unfortunately, this form does not include CBP FOIA requests, however the site does provide a link to the CBP FOIA website.

If you believe you may benefit from this form, or need to speak with an attorney, please contact Joseph & Hall P.C.

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