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Dedicated Colorado Citizenship Lawyers Representing Immigrants in Pueblo

If you are an immigrant to the United States, and you currently reside in Colorado, you may be eligible to apply for American citizenship through the naturalization process. At Joseph & Hall P.C., our Pueblo citizenship attorneys have a full understanding of how difficult and confusing the naturalization process can be.

We are strong advocates for immigrants and their family members. Our legal team is committed to helping our clients overcome any obstacles that stand in between them and U.S. citizenship. If you need immigration guidance in Pueblo, please do not hesitate to contact our citizenship lawyers today.

Timeline for Naturalization

Once you have a valid U.S. green card, you will be on the path to apply for American citizenship. However, you will not actually be able apply for citizenship immediately after receiving legal status within the United States. Before you are qualified to submit your citizenship application, you must hold a green card for at least five years.

U.S. Citizenship Eligibility Requirements

United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) requires that green card holders be able to pass several qualification hurdles before they can have their application for citizenship approved. Beyond holding a green card for at least five consecutive years, you must also do the following to become a naturalized citizen in Pueblo, Colorado:

  • Currently live within the United States;
  • Have reasonably strong proficiency in English, including in reading and writing;
  • Learn American history and how American government operates;
  • Commit to the core principles in our founding documents; and
  • Demonstrate your positive moral character.

What Steps are Involved in Naturalization

If you are ready to apply for citizenship, you need to get your official documents in order so that you can fill out and submit your Form N-400, Application for Naturalization. Our Pueblo immigration lawyers can help you with any issues. Once your citizenship application has been accepted, you will also be required to:

  • Give your fingerprints and undergo a background check;
  • Pass all of the mandated tests; and
  • Sit for an interview with an immigration official from USCIS.

Problems can arise during any stage of the application process. Should you run into any unexpected (or expected) obstacles, the best thing that you can do to protect your rights and preserve your ability to become a U.S. citizen is to consult with a skilled Pueblo citizenship attorney as early on in the process as possible.

Contact Our Pueblo Citizenship Attorneys Today

At Joseph & Hall P.C., our Pueblo County citizenship attorneys have helped many clients obtain U.S. citizenship. If you or your family member needs guidance from a Colorado citizenship lawyer, please do not hesitate to contact us today to schedule your fully confidential initial case evaluation.


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Countless people dream of becoming a U.S. citizen. If your application was rejected by the USCIS, we are here to fight for your best interests.

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