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Immigration matters can be exciting, but they can also be complicated, overwhelming, and frightening, depending on your circumstances. Immigration laws can be difficult for even some scholars to understand, making it essential to have someone on your side who knows what needs to be done to secure your status. No matter what type of issues you face, you can be assured of the best outcome possible when you hire our well-versed Laramie immigration lawyers.

How Our Laramie Immigration Lawyers Can Help You

Immigration is a broad topic that covers many aspects of coming to this country, working here, and raising a family here. Our team of experienced Laramie immigration attorneys is well versed in all areas of United States Immigration Law and can assist you with whatever your legal matter might be.

Family-Based Immigration

The family-based immigration process usually involves two or more family members. The family member seeking the visa (the petitioner) and the non-citizen family member is requesting legal immigration status (beneficiary). The petitioner must be a legal permanent resident or a U.S. citizen. In some situations, the beneficiary may also have a spouse or children that can use the family-based immigration process as derivative beneficiaries of the primary beneficiary.

Marriage, Divorce, and Immigration

If you are married to a U.S. citizen or legal permanent resident, you may be able to obtain legal status here. Suppose you have already obtained residency in the U.S. through marriage but now face a divorce or separation. In that case, you may still be eligible to keep your legal status. Divorce or separation doesn’t have to mean you lose your legal immigration status. It’s crucial to contact skilled Laramie immigration lawyers who can direct you through this sometimes complex process. 

Adjustment of Status

Suppose you have a spouse, child, parent, or sibling who is a Legal Permanent Resident or U.S. citizen and able to petition for you. In that case, you might be able to complete your entire legal immigration status process without leaving the U.S. As you entered the country legally, you may not have to leave to become a Legal Permanent Resident. Even if you didn’t have a visa when you came to the U.S., you might still have entered legally through other means. Reach out to our knowledgeable Laramie immigration attorneys to find out if your entry into the U.S. was legal and to determine if you qualify to adjust your status to a legal permanent resident.

Employment Immigration

If you need help with employment immigration, our Laramie immigration lawyers can assist with your work permit. You will need to complete an employment authorization document or EAD. An EAD is a five-page form that you must submit with your supporting documentation to the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). Work permits are generally granted to individuals who are in the process of getting an adjustment of status or a green card or and who have a legal right to be in the U.S.

Contact Reputable Laramie Immigration Lawyers

At Joseph & Hall P.C., we have the resolve, resources, and experience to fight for your case and keep you legally here. Our Laramie immigration lawyers are available to help you understand your legal issues surrounding immigration and to find workable solutions for them. We are committed to keeping you informed and using every option under the law to reach your desired outcome. Contact us today for a consultation and to learn more about the immigration services we offer.


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