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Immigration law encompasses a broad range of issues about the duties and rights of foreign nationals in the U.S. The laws govern the immigration status of individuals and their immigration options, determine whether a foreign national is in the U.S. legally, and control whether or not a foreign national could be deported. 

The Joseph & Hall P.C. immigration law firm’s immigration lawyers in Fort Collins can help you with various immigration law matters, including:

Family-Based Immigration

Lawful permanent U.S. residents or green card holders and U.S. citizens have the right to bring their family members into the U.S. via different kinds of family-sponsored visas. Take note, though, that U.S. citizens and green card holders can only sponsor select family members. 

Employment-Based Immigration

Foreign nationals who come to the U.S. temporarily or permanently for work will have to pick from various employer-sponsored visas. The employer will need to apply for and sponsor the visa on behalf of the foreign national. 

U.S. Citizenship

Although some individuals automatically become U.S. citizens because of parents who are U.S. citizens or they were born in the U.S., others should apply for U.S. citizenship through the process of naturalization. However, an individual must be a green card holder to apply for citizenship. 

Adjustment of Status

This process enables an eligible person who is already in the U.S. to obtain a green card or lawful permanent resident status without needing to go back to their home country for visa processing. 


Foreign nationals who can prove that they will face, have faced, or are facing persecution and are under a protected class, such as religion or race, might stay in the U.S. as an asylee or refugee. Having an asylum status protects individuals from removal, even if they came to the U.S. via illegal means. 

Immigration Litigation

Our immigration lawyer in Fort Collins handles all kinds of immigration cases and represents families, employees, and employers in defensive and affirmative cases before the federal courts. Litigation cases could include various matters, such as visas, admission, naturalization, and asylum, among other issues. 

Deportation Defense

Formally known as removal, deportation occurs when the U.S. government orders the removal of a foreign national in the country. Deportation could occur for different reasons, but it usually happens after an immigrant allegedly committed a crime or violated immigration law. 

Waivers and Appeals

Being denied an immigration benefit could be appealed, depending on the reason for denial. Likewise, waivers for particular grounds of inadmissibility can be used for specific situations and conditions. 

Post-Conviction Relief

Being convicted of a crime could cause various immigration issues. However, securing relief before the criminal conviction results in a removal proceeding might be possible with proper legal guidance. 

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Joseph & Hall P.C. handles all kinds of immigration issues, from helping foreign nationals immigrate to the United States for work or family to defending against a possible removal and defending against an accusation of illegal presence or entry, among many others. You can schedule a consultation with our experienced immigration lawyer in Fort Collins by calling us or filling out our online form.


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