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There are many grounds for lawful immigration to the United States. An immigration attorney in Buena Vista can help you find the right tools to meet your immigration goals. Whether you are in need of a visa, a green card, or intend to become a naturalized citizen, the Buena Vista immigration lawyers at Joseph & Hall are here to help. Learn more about the three main categories of American immigration:

Family Sponsor Immigration

In family sponsor cases, an immigrant applies for a visa or a green card under the sponsorship of an American citizen. (Green card holders may also sponsor immediate family members in certain cases.) Once a visa or green card is granted, the holder may live and work in the United States until it expires. Family sponsor visas are usually used to help family members enter the United States lawfully so they may achieve a more permanent immigration status (such as a green card or residency) once they are here. Visas are only valid for a limited time, so it is important to have a long-term plan to keep your family together, as well.

Family sponsor immigration also includes fiancee visas. A K-1 fiance visa allows an American citizen to bring a foreign fiance into the country for the purpose of marriage. A K-1 visa requires the couple to be married within ninety days of the foreign fiance’s entry into the United States. If the couple does not marry within this time, the K-1 visa is invalid, and the foreign citizen can be removed. Couples who apply for K-1 fiance visas should be prepared to marry as soon as possible once both parties are in the U.S. They must also be prepared for the next step in the immigration process, in which the foreign spouse applies for a green card with their new spouse as the sponsor.   

Employer Sponsor Immigration

Employers may also act as immigration sponsors to their foreign employees. The process takes time, and it can also expose an employer to financial and legal liability. Some employers do not act as immigration sponsors for these reasons. If your employer is willing to act as a sponsor, the experienced employment immigration lawyers at Joseph & Hall can help you find the right visa to apply for. 

Immigration On Humanitarian Grounds

For those who do not have a family member or employer to act as a sponsor, it may still be possible to enter the United States on humanitarian grounds. American law allows for lawful immigration status to be granted to political refugees seeking asylum, victims of human trafficking, and certain other crime victims. In today’s political climate, it has become increasingly difficult to claim asylum. A Buena Vista immigration attorney can help prepare your case to give you the best possible chances of success. 

The Right Immigration Attorneys in Buena Vista

The skilled Buena Vista immigration lawyers at Joseph & Hall have experience handling all types of immigration cases. For years, clients across Colorado have trusted our team to protect their important immigration rights. Visit our website to schedule a consultation and to find the office closest to you. 


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