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U.S. immigration law enables eligible citizens and lawful permanent residents to sponsor family members for permanent visas, commonly known as green cards. Immigration based on specific family relationships circumvents the limitations or caps on the number of permanent visas granted yearly under other visa categories. 

Who Can Sponsor and Who Can Be Sponsored for a Family Visa

When it comes to U.S. immigration law, family relationships are not created equal. This means that they grant higher priority to certain family relationships or connections and do not even allow sponsorships for others. 

U.S. citizens can sponsor family-based visas for:

  • Their spouse
  • Their children (below 21 years old) 
  • Their parents
  • Their unmarried child (older than 21) and their child’s children
  • Their married child and their children
  • Their siblings and their children and spouses (sponsor must be 21 years old or older)

Lawful permanent U.S. residents or green card holders can only sponsor:

  • Their spouses
  • Their children (below 21 years old)
  • Their unmarried children (21 years old and older)

It’s crucial to note that certain family members are given higher priority than others. Sponsorships by U.S. citizens also receive higher priority than sponsorships by permanent residents. Depending on the circumstances, asylees granted asylum and refugees who entered the U.S. who have lived in the U.S. lawfully for two years could petition family visas for their immediate family members. 

The USCIS also grants visas for foreign nationals who intend to marry a U.S. citizen. The foreign national will need to apply for the fiancé visa and wait for permission from the USCIS to travel to and get married in the United States. After getting married, the foreign national can then apply for a green card and then citizenship. 

The Family Immigration Process in a Nutshell

The entire process of bringing your family to live with you in the United States involves different stages. Generally speaking, however, your journey begins when you file the visa petition along with all the necessary paperwork, such as documents showing your permanent residence or citizenship status and documents proving your relationship to the family members you’re sponsoring, among others. 

Once the USCIS has approved your application, your loved one can receive a visa. On the other hand, if the visa application is denied, you could either appeal the denial and address the specific issue/s that caused the denial. 

Talk to an Experienced Family Immigration Lawyer Near You Today

When we represent people in various family immigration matters, we make sure that they understand all their immigration options and what the process will entail. We always try to figure out the best legal options to bring families together and provide a personalized approach for every client. 

If you’re looking for a family immigration lawyer near you in Colorado, reach out to Joseph & Hall P.C. and send us an online message to set up your appointment. 


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