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Employment Immigration Lawyers Near Me

Employment Immigration Lawyers Near Me

At Joseph & Hall P.C., our nearby employment immigration attorneys are dedicated to providing attentive and effective legal representation across the full range of immigration cases. We are a results-oriented law firm. If you need help with obtaining an employment visa in Colorado, we are here for you. To set up a completely private initial consultation, please reach out to us right away. 

Employment Visa Attorneys Serving Communities Throughout Colorado

Our Colorado immigration lawyers assist qualified foreign workers and U.S.-based businesses in obtaining the full range of American employment visas. We can help you identify and apply for the appropriate work visa for your specific situation. Some examples of employment visas that you can apply for in Colorado include: 

  • B-1 visa: If you are a business visitor to the United States, you may be eligible for a B-1 visa. These are temporary visas that are generally issued for a period of a few months.  
  • J-1 visa: A J-1 visa is offered to employees who are coming to the United States as a part of an educational training program or a cultural exchange program. 
  • H-1B visa: H-1B employment visas are designed for professionals who have ‘in-demand’ skills. Among other occupations, H-1B work visas may be available for employees in law, engineering, and accounting. 
  • H-2A visa: The agricultural industry makes up an important part of Colorado’s economy. Through an H-2A visa, agricultural workers can obtain authorization to live in work in the United States. 
  • H-2B visa: Temporary workers in non-agricultural industries may be eligible to get an H-2B visa. These are seasonal visas that are used by many different employers, including ski resorts and other winter-based employers in Colorado. 
  • O-1 visa: Employees with extraordinary abilities in education, business or athletics may be qualified to obtain an O-1 employment visa. 
  • L-1A/L-1B visa: In the modern business world, many companies operate offices in multiple countries. Workers at multinationals may be eligible to transfer to a U.S.-based location within their current employer by obtaining an L-1A visa or an L-1B visa. 
  • R-1 visa: If you are a religious professional who is considering taking a position in Colorado, you may be eligible to get an R-1 visa. Generally, R-1 visas have a maximum stay period of five years. 

Get Help From Our Top-Rated Colorado Employment Immigration Attorneys Today

At Joseph & Hall P.C., our skilled Aurora employment immigration lawyers are knowledgeable, sophisticated advocates for employees and businesses. We are committed to offering exceptional legal representation to every client. To arrange a strictly confidential consultation, please contact our law firm right away. With offices in Aurora, Colorado Springs, and Frisco, we serve communities throughout the region. 


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