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It is often said the U.S. immigration law is only second to the IRS code in its complexity and myriad of rules and regulations that must be strictly adhered to. For employers in Denver who are more focused on their bottom lines, having an experienced employment immigration lawyer can make the difference between denial and approval of an employment-based visa.

For non-citizens whose primary desire is to get to the United States as quickly as possible and start working if they have a qualified offer of employment, having an experienced employment immigration lawyer can equally make a difference in realizing that dream or having it dashed.

This is because even a qualified foreign worker with an employer sponsor in the United States can see the employer’s visa petition denied or delayed or – even in cases where a visa petition has been approved – there could be errors or shoddy handling of visa processing that could have the prospective foreign employee’s visa denied.

What an Employment Immigration Lawyer in Denver Can Do for You

An experienced employment immigration lawyer can remove guesswork from the paperwork that needs to be filed and for what category. The immigration law is very clear as to who qualifies to get what employment visa. Even in situations where someone with qualifications and skills that make them eligible for consideration and approval in more than one visa category, an experienced employment immigration lawyer will be able to make a precise determination as to which option is the best.

There are many factors to be considered when pursuing an employment visa, both from the employer’s perspective and from the employee’s perspective. At Joseph & Hall, PC, our experienced employment immigration lawyers have experience representing both the employers as well as prospective employees they seek to hire who are non-citizens.

The employer’s part is the most important because the employer must first file a petition which must be approved for a non-citizen prospective employee to be considered for an employment-based immigration visa. If the petition is approved, then the next part is when the prospective employee must do their part to make sure they meet eligibility and qualification criteria.

At Joseph & Hall, PC, our experienced immigration lawyers make sure both parts of the petition and application process are meticulously handled with no room for error. The experienced employment immigration lawyers and their staff make sure the employment visa petitions that are filed with USCIS provide a roadmap for easy and quick approval based on what the law requires and how these petitions and applications must be presented for easy and straightforward approval.

Assisting Employers in Complying with Immigration Laws

Our work for employers does not end with procuring an employment-based visa for a prospective employee. Rather, we continuously work with employers to make sure they are in full compliance with various immigration laws, including IRCA & I-9 Audits. 

Our experienced immigration lawyers at Joseph & Hall, PC, can assist you as the employer in reviewing your hiring practices to make sure you are in full compliance with these laws as well as other relevant laws such as laws against discrimination.

If you are an employer in the Denver area or a non-citizen who seeks an employment immigration lawyer, contact our office today for a consultation.


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