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Going through the immigration process to obtain a green card is replete with frustrations, delays, and rejection or denial of green card petitions or applications. The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), the agency that processes these cases, is one giant maze to navigate. While it is possible for one to navigate the system on their own, chances of succeeding are minimal. To maximize the chances of successfully navigating the system, it is best to have the services of experienced Denver green card attorneys from Joseph & Hall.

Eligibility for Green Cards

There are three general ways one can apply for and obtain a green card, and these are through family, employment, or self-petitioning.

  • Family-Based Green Card. A United States citizen or lawful permanent resident (Green Card holder) can sponsor close family members to obtain a green card of their own. To do so, the US citizen or Green Card holder must first file Form I-130 Petition for Alien Relative with USCIS. In some cases, the I-130 petition can be concurrently filed with Form I-485 Application to Register as Permanent Resident or Adjust Status. This is the green card application. Not all family members of US citizens or Green Card holders are eligible to get a green card based on the family relationship. However, spouses, children, siblings, and parents typically do.
  • Employment-Based Green Card. An American employer is allowed under U.S. immigration and labor laws to recruit and hire foreign workers if certain requirements are met. These requirements vary depending on the nature and type of employment, the qualifications, and the length of employment. There is also a wide range of visas that are available corresponding to these requirements. Most of these are “temporary work visas,” meaning the holder is only authorized to enter and work in the United States for a fixed period, after which they must leave the United States. In some cases, the holders of these temporary visas can extend their visa validity or change it to a different category that would allow them to remain legally in the United States after the expiration of the temporary work visa. In other cases, an American employer can have their prospective foreign worker be given a green card. At Joseph & Hall, we have experienced employment immigration lawyers who routinely obtain these work visas for our clients in Edwards and are here to do the same for you.
  • Self-Petitioning. You can self-petition to obtain a green card if you have extraordinary ability in the field of arts, science, education, business, or athletics or if you have applied and have been granted a National Interest Waiver (NIW). You can also seek protection from deportation if you are in a “vulnerable population” group and if successful, you may at some point be able to convert that protective status to a green card holder. Whether you are self-petitioning or have a sponsor, it is best to have an experienced immigration lawyer help you. 

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