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Denver Family Immigration Lawyers

Denver Family Immigration Lawyers

The United States immigration system offers avenues for U.S. citizens and lawful permanent residents to bring their loved ones into the country. At Joseph & Hall P.C., our dedicated Denver family immigration lawyers have extensive experience handling family-based immigration cases. We are proud to help reunite families in Colorado. For immediate assistance with your family immigration case, please contact our dedicated immigration law attorneys today.  

Family-Based Immigration

Spousal Relationships

The most simple path for family members to immigrate to the United States is through their American spouse. The spouse of a United States citizen is considered an immediate family member. There is no annual limit on how many Americans can bring a spouse to the U.S. each year. As such, a visa number can be issued almost immediately in this type of case.  

K-1 Fiancé(e) Visas

If you are marrying a foreign national, they can obtain a green card based on the relationship. Specifically, a K-1 visa may available. Notably, United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) will need to conduct an interview and investigate the relationship in order to ensure that it is valid. When applying for a K-1 visa, you should seek guidance from a Denver immigration lawyer.

K-3 and K-4 Visas

Children of an American citizen and children of the spouse of an American citizen are also able to immigrate to the United States. Though, to be clear, only children who are unmarried and are still minors are able to qualify for this type of visa.

Family Preference Visas

Non-immediate relatives of Americans can immigrate through the family preference system. The closer the relative, the higher their preference level will be. This path of immigration can be more complicated, as there is an annual cap on how many people can immigrate to the U.S. through a family preference.

Family-Based Immigration Can Lead to Citizenship

Through family-based immigration, your relative may be able to eventually obtain American citizenship. This is done through a legal process known as naturalization. While there are several different ways to get U.S. citizenship, most frequently immigrants are able to get it through an affirmative application with United States Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS).

Contact Our Denver Family Immigration Attorneys Today

At Joseph & Hall P.C., our top-quality immigration law attorneys have extensive experience handling a wide range of family-based immigration issues. We have the skills to help you and your family navigate the complex application process. If you need family immigration law assistance in Denver County, Colorado, please contact us today.


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