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Colorado Springs Employment Visa Lawyer

Colorado Springs Employment Visa Lawyer

There is a wide range of non-immigrant employment visas available to qualified applicants. If you meet certain eligibility requirement, you may be qualified to live and work in the United States. In some cases, these work visas can even put the applicant on a path to eventually obtain citizenship. If you are applying for an employment visa, our skilled Colorado Springs employment visa lawyers are standing by, ready to help.

At Joseph & Hall P.C., we have a national reputation of providing top immigration law services to individuals and businesses. Our law firm is proud to be the premier immigration law firm serving clients throughout the state of Colorado. To get help with your employment visa application in Colorado Springs, please contact our legal team today.

Your Employment Visa Options in Colorado Springs, Colorado

We have experience handling the full range of employment visa cases. It is crucial that you apply for the appropriate work visa for your specific circumstances. Non-immigrant employment visas that are available to applicants seeking to work in Colorado Springs include:

  • B-1 visas: With a maximum duration of six months, the B-1 visa is designed for temporary business visitors to the United States.
  • H-1B visas: The H-1B visa is for workers who are in certain specialty occupations. Examples include accounting, technology, engineering, law, and many more.
  • H-2A visas: This employment visa is for workers who are seeking to do temporarily agricultural work in the United States.  
  • H-2B visas: The H-2B visa is for non-agricultural seasonal employees. In Colorado, this often includes many people who are the ski/snowboarding industry or who work on special events.
  • O-1 visas: For those with extraordinary abilities in a certain field the O-1 visa may be available.
  • P-1 visas: This work visa is for athletes and entertainers applying to work in Colorado.  
  • L-1A/L-1B visas: Employees transferring to a new location within the same large corporation may be able to obtain an L-1 visa.
  • R-1 visas: Religious professional can apply for an R-1 visa to come to Colorado Springs.

We Can Help You Overcome Obstacles to Your Employment Visa

In applying for an employment visa, a number of different challenges can arise. Our Colorado Springs employment visa lawyers are committed to helping our clients achieve successful results. We will work tirelessly to help you overcome any obstacles standing between you and the work visa that is best suited for your unique situation.

Contact Our Colorado Springs Employment Visa Attorneys Today

At Joseph & Hall P.C., our Colorado Springs immigration lawyers have the skills and experience needed to handle the full range of employment visa issues. To get immigration law help in El Paso County, Colorado, please do not hesitate to contact our law firm today by calling (719) 434-5660.


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