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Think you can just show up in the United States because you want to live or work here, and that’s it? Unfortunately, this is not the case. Instead, foreign nationals who want to enter the U.S., whether permanently or temporarily, should obtain either a non-immigrant or temporary stay visa or a green card or permanent resident visa to lawfully enter and stay in the country. 

To find out more about how U.S. immigration works and how our Buena Vista immigration lawyer can help you, you can reach out to us here at Joseph & Hall P.C. for more information. Meanwhile, here’s a primer on basic U.S. immigration matters.

Family-Based Immigration

This immigration category enables lawful permanent residents or green card holders and U.S. citizens to bring eligible family members to the U.S. These family members can enter and stay in the country as immediate relatives of citizens or family-preference relatives of green card holders. 

Employment-Based Immigration

Immigration law offers different ways for foreign nationals with valuable work skills to work in the U.S. on a temporary or permanent basis. Permanent immigration visas come in five preference categories. With some categories, the U.S. Secretary of Labor should certify that the applicant met the eligibility requirements before an employee sponsor can file a petition on behalf of the foreign national. With other categories, the foreign national can file a petition on their own, or the U.S. sponsor should file the petition with the USCIS. 

On the other hand, employment-based temporary visas allow U.S. employers to petition and hire foreign nationals for certain job positions for limited time periods.

Protections for Asylees, Refugees, and Vulnerable Populations

Foreign nationals can seek refuge in the U.S. if they can’t go back to their countries due to fear of persecution because of their religion, race, political opinion, national origin, or membership in certain social groups. Likewise, asylum can be sought by foreign nationals who are already in the country and need protection from the same protected grounds that refugees depend on. 

Becoming an Official U.S. Citizen

For individuals to qualify for naturalization and become U.S. citizens, they should have had a green card or lawful permanent resident status for a minimum of five years or at least three years if they became permanent residents by marrying U.S. citizen spouses. Specific exceptions may apply to other individuals, such as U.S. military members who served in a time of declared hostilities or war. 

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