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At Joseph & Hall P.C., our Aurora asylum lawyers are compassionate, results-driven advocates for people who need help the most. We understand the potential difficulties that our clients face and we are ready to take immediate action. If you have any questions or concerns about asylum protections, our legal team is here to help. For a confidential initial meeting with a Colorado asylum attorney, please call our Aurora law office today. 

An Overview of Asylum Claims in Aurora, Colorado

Asylum is a form of immigration protection reserved to foreign nationals who are already in the United States or who have arrived at the U.S. border and qualify as a ‘refugee’ for the purposes of international law. Under the American asylum system, an applicant can obtain asylum status only if they can prove that they face a threat of persecution in their native country based on a protected characteristic, such as race, color, gender, religious affiliation, national origin, or political alignment. 

Once asylum status is granted, a person becomes eligible to apply for a green card (lawful permanent residence). Getting asylum protections is not always easy—even for people who meet the standards under the law. There are strict requirements that you need to meet to bring a successful asylum petition. It is strongly recommended that you seek professional guidance from an experienced Aurora asylum lawyer who has the skills and knowledge to help you prepare an application. 

How Our Aurora, CO Asylum Lawyers Can Help

There are many complex requirements that you must satisfy to make a successful asylum claim. At Joseph & Hall P.C., much of a practice is devoted to helping vulnerable groups navigate the American immigration system. When you call our Aurora law office, you will have a chance to consult directly with a Colorado asylum attorney who will: 

  • Conduct a comprehensive, confidential review of your asylum claim; 
  • Answer questions you have about U.S. immigration law; 
  • Gather and organize documentation and handle asylum paperwork; and
  • Take the appropriate steps to get you and your family the best possible outcome. 

Our Aurora asylum attorneys provide fully individualized advice and support to each and every client. We will put in the resources and attention to detail to make sure that your asylum claim is compelling. With many testimonials from clients, you can rely on our Colorado immigration law firm. 

Get Help From Our Aurora, CO Asylum Attorneys Today

At Joseph & Hall P.C., our Colorado immigration lawyers have deep experience handling asylum claims. If you have any questions or concerns about your asylum rights, we are here to get you answers. Contact our Aurora office for a strictly private consultation. We handle asylum cases in Arapahoe County, Adams County, and Douglas County. 


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