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Changes to DMV Processing of Driver’s Licenses for Immigrants


Changes to DMV Processing of Driver’s Licenses for Immigrants

Contributed by Jennaweh Hondrogiannis, Associate Attorney

With the passing of SB251 last year, the Division of Motor Vehicles began issuing Colorado driver’s licenses to qualifying undocumented immigrants. Since the program began, there have been five locations equipped to process applications for these types of driver’s licenses in Colorado. However, due to recent budget restraints, the DMV will only have one office capable of processing these applications. Last week, the Joint Budget Committee twice voted against the DMV’s use of funds from the program’s fees to maintain the five locations processing these types of applications. Thus, the only location where SB251 driver’s licenses can be processed is the Denver Central Office. While there were long wait lists prior to the Joint Budget Committee’s vote, the wait period is expected to increase by years for this appointment-only program. The DMV now has 31 appointments available per day whereas before the vote, there were 155 appointments.

If you have any questions about the recent changes to this program or your eligibility for a driver’s license under this program, call to speak to one of our experienced immigration attorneys at 303-297-9171.

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