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Census Data: Immigration Helping to Drive Population Growth in Colorado


Census Data: Immigration Helping to Drive Population Growth in Colorado

On December 19th, 2018, the United States Census Bureau released its latest national and state population estimate statistics. Colorado remains one of the fastest growing states in the entire country. According to the Census Bureau, Colorado had the seventh largest numeric population growth from 2017 to 2018 (79,622 people), and it had the sixth fastest percentage growth rate (1.4% population increase).

Notably, similar to many of the other rapidly growing U.S. states, Colorado’s population growth has been driven in large part by immigration. Approximately 10% of Colorado’s residents are immigrants. Another 10% of the state’s population are second generation Americans — they have at least one foreign-born parent.  

Who are Colorado’s Immigrants?

Immigrants in Colorado are a diverse bunch. As reported by the American Immigration Council (AIC), nearly 600,000 foreign-born individuals currently live in Colorado. In recent years, that number has been rising faster than the state’s native-born population. Immigrants are helping our state thrive, and making Colorado one of the best states in which to live.

By far, the most prominent country of origin of immigrants in Colorado is Mexico — more than 40% of Colorado’s immigrants are of Mexican descent. Still, the majority of Colorado’s immigrants come from other countries. The other most prominent countries of origin for Colorado immigrants are India, Vietnam, Honduras, Germany, China, El Salvador, and Canada.

One of the things that makes Colorado unique is the wide range of opportunities available for migrants who come from various backgrounds and are seeking work in many different industries. The American Immigration Council reports that the most common occupation for immigrants in Colorado is in the construction industry: 59,000 immigrants work in construction. In addition, many immigrants are also employed in the agricultural industry and in seasonal positions, such as at one of Colorado’s many ski resorts.

Colorado immigrants are also greatly represented among the state’s business owners. Immigrants in Colorado are nearly twice as likely to own a business than native-born residents. Furthermore, a higher percentage of Colorado’s immigrants also hold graduate degrees. Perhaps unsurprisingly, many of these people are concentrated in the Denver metro area, which has become a hub for highly-skilled professionals.

We are Proud to Support Immigrants Throughout Colorado

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