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    ICE Issues Guidance on COVID-19

    https://www.aila.org/infonet/ice-issues-guidance-on-covid-19 ICE issued guidance on its response to the COVID-19 pandemic. ICE confirmed that as of 4/9/20, 35 detainees, 11 detention facility personnel, and 63 ICE employees, have tested positive...

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    USCIS Releases Q&As on Temporary…

    USCIS released answers to questions employers may have about temporary policy changes regarding Form I-9 requirements and E-Verify due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The Q&As provide an overview of changes...

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    USCIS E-Verify Issues Summary of…

    https://www.aila.org/infonet/everify-summary-temporary-policies-covid19 USCIS E-Verify issued a summary of its temporary policies due to COVID-19, including the extension of the timeframe for taking action to resolve Tentative Nonconfirmations. AILA Doc. No. 20032300...

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