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2016 Offshore Excellence Awards: Best Business Immigration Firm – Colorado


2016 Offshore Excellence Awards: Best Business Immigration Firm – Colorado

Joseph & Hall P.C. is a winner in the 2016 Offshore Excellence Awards, and has been awarded: Best Business Immigration Firm – Coloradomedia

These awards highlight both the professionalism of companies working across the global business spectrum, such as legal and financial firms, alongside the grit and skill of the industrial organisations that dominate the seas, such as maritime and oil and gas companies.

Every aspect of offshore business is included to reflect the huge amount of work done by these dedicated organisations, ranging in size from the smallest local companies to the international heavy-hitters. These awards are dedicated to celebrating the endeavours, accomplishments and ambitions of these dedicated firms and the individuals who drive them.

Most crucially, these awards are voted for by members from across the industry, with clients, suppliers and firms operating within the market all invited to participate and make their voice heard. As with all of our awards programmes the Offshore Excellence Awards are presented on merit alone, and are given to recognise the most deserving firms that have provided top quality advice, support and services to their clients over the past twelve months.

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